by Ilya VP

I hated EasyVSL 3.0 at first.

But after creating 120+ different VSLs with it, it grew on me.

Even though I prefer Vidnami for most projects, EasyVSL is the better option for a certain number of people.

In this post I'll go over:

  • Everything good about EasyVSL
  • Everything bad about EasyVSL (I don't hold back!)
  • And whether you should get it

Let's dive right in!

The Video Creation Process

You can create two types of videos with EasyVSL: regular text VSLs and kinematic (moving text) VSLs. 

Let's first take a look at the regular VSL and then move on to the kinematic ones.

The Templates

Once you select what type of VSL you want to create, the next step is selecting a template.

To be fair all you're doing is selecting the background and the font style. It's not a complicated template.

They have about 60 templates and if you purchase the bonus upsell for $199, you'll get access to even more backgrounds.

However, I don't recommend this upsell for most people as the value simply isn't there. You don't need a lot more backgrounds for your VSL. Most VSLs are fine with a simple backgrond. That's the entire point of them.

Adding the Script

When creating a text-based VSL, the program automatically sets slide endpoints for you.

However, when creating a kinematic VSL that option disappears and you have to set all the timings yourself which can be a bit annoying.

It doesn't take too long because you can used the Ctrl+Enter shortcut with one hand, and select the text using your mouse with the other, but it's still not fully automatic. 

The Editor

Next up is the editor and this is where EasyVSL shines.

You have full customization over the look of your VSL.

You can move the text around, add bullet points, add as many images as you want, add a watermark, add transitions, etc. 

Considering that Vidnami only allows you to have one image per slide, and you can't move the text around anywhere you want, EasyVSL definitely wins here.

There are some glitches that can be quite frustrating though.

If you're using the "bulk actions" feature to add an image to all slides, you can do that. However, if you decide to delete the image, you can't bulk delete it for all slides.

Or if you add a watermark on all slides, you can move it around on all of them, but can only change the size on one slide at a time. 

If you want to have a watermark on all slides, that's a LOT of work to edit it to look the same across the entire video.

Adding Audio

EasyVSL's audio features are on par with all other VSL software out there.

They have text-to speech, auto-speech sync (although you have to jump through a couple of hoops to get it & connect it to an outside software), and you can record your voiceover either inside the program or use a pre-recorded one.

This is also where you set the timings of the video.

You can either set the same timing for all slides, sync it yourself, or use the speech autosync feature which requires you to create an account on IBM Watson and connect EasyVSL to that. 

It's not too complicated, but will take you about 15 minutes to do the first time you use it.

The Kinematic Templates

I was underwhelmed by these templates. 

The video creation process is similar for the text & kinematic videos, except the templates are different.

Here's what they look like:

20 templates total, but I bought the extra templates upsell. 

If you don't buy the $199 upsell you'll only have 7 templates, which isn't bad, but you can't edit anything within the templates

This means you're stuck with the text and colors they've chosen, so if none of the templates you get fit your brand, too bad!

Also, these templates aren't very useful for longer videos because they get repetitive fast. If it's a <3 minute video they're fine, but for longer videos the movement becomes distracting and doesn't add any benefits.

Here's an example of what a slide looks like:

When adding the script, you get to edit each of the lines on the slide.

They're pretty short & EasyVSL tries to split it for you, but it doesn't always work. 

Let me show you what I mean:

If you look at the 3rd line in slide 1, a sentence ends and then there is a random "The" there.

A similar thing happens in Slide 2 on line 3: there is no separation between "surfers" and "in."

Basically, this is a cool feature, but I don't think most people will benefit that much from it. 

It's definitely a far cry from a "must-have" feature. 

What's Good

  • You can create & edit VSLs extremely fast. I can create a ~6,000 word VSL in less than an hour if I have the voiceover & script done. 
  • Can fully customize the slides - move text around, add as many images as you want, etc.
  • Automatically sync your voiceover to the slides - this works really well!
  • The kinematic videos are pretty cool

What's Not So Good

  • Takes some time to set up - you have to download and install Adobe Air, download and install EasyVSL, and then sign up and connect the API for IBM Watson if you want to use text to speech or autosync
  • There's many glitches - Kinematic slides break, bulk editing breaks, the software crashes
  • There is no automatic image selection, no auto-bolding, no real AI features
  • It's a bit expensive if you're not creating at least 1 VSL per month.

Pricing & Discounts

They offer EasyVSL for either:

  • $99 upfront and then $9.99/month
  • Or $197/year

Which is worth it as long as you create at least 1 VSL per month. 

The thing is though: if you're thinking of buying EasyVSL you'll probably be creating a lot MORE than just 1 VSL per month.

You'll be testing different hooks, different leads, different pricing and a lot more... and that's where EasyVSL shines. It will save you dozens, if not hundreds of hours, and make A/B testing a breeze.

The Conclusion

EasyVSL is perfect if you only need to create VSL videos. (Specifically text-based or text+image VSL videos)

If, however, you're like most business owners and also need to create social media videos, influencer videos, and much more, then I highly recommend checking out my InVideo and Vidnami reviews.

About the author 

Ilya VP

Ilya has been in the digital marketing game for nearly 8 years. Affiliate sites, greyhat link building, whitehat link buildling, funnels, copywriting. You name it - he's probably done it.
In his free time he also writes on

Ilya has been in the digital marketing game for nearly 8 years. Affiliate sites, greyhat link building, whitehat link buildling, funnels, copywriting. You name it - he's probably done it. In his free time he also writes on

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