by Ilya VP

InVideo is one of my favorite video-creation programs.

And I've tested dozens of them.

What makes InVideo so good? And is it right for you?

Find out in this post! I'll go over:

  • All of InVideo's features
  • Why I love it so much
  • And how you can get a 70% Discount

Let's dive right in!

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The Video Creation Process

Like most tools there are multiple ways to create videos in InVideo. 

You can use one of their pre-made templates, create a video from an article/script, or start from scratch. 

1. InVideo Homepage

Templates & Formats

They have a large number of templates and are adding new ones every single week. 

The total number of templates is too large to put here, but let me know if you'd be interested in a separate post about all of InVideo's available templates! 

They have different pre-made templates and different templates for Article -> Video videos. You can take a look at some of the template categories below.

2. InVideo Templates

As for the formats: you can create a vertical video for Facebook or Instagram stories, a regular landscape video, or a square video for a Facebook or Instagram post. 

So let's say you found a template you like and are ready to make your video. How does that go?

The Video Editor

This is what the video editor looks like: (They technically have two editors, but I'll talk about the other type later on in this post.)

It may not look like much, or may look overwhelming. It depends on your experience with vidoe software.

But trust me! There's tons of powerful features packed into an intuitive interface.

Let's go through them one by one.

The Timeline & Simple Editor Features

The timeline is a recent addition (they add features quite often) and it makes video editing much easier.

You could still edit the timing of all the elements in the scene before, but there was no visual for it. You had to type in the seconds and miliseconds inside the editor and that got annoying fast.

The timeline simplifies all of that! Simply select the video element and then drag & drop inside the timeline to change when it shows up or disappears within the scene. 

You can also edit colors used in all scenes, the font colors, types, and animations, and the video speed, size, and animations.

The Media

A video editing program requires good stock videos and an easy way to add them. InVideo does this perfectly.

The search is fast, video preview easy, and their media library is on par with most other tools out there.

They do not yet have access to Shutterstock's full library which tools like Lumen5 and offer, but those are extremely expensive anyway. 

Here are some sample video searches:

Their music library is on par with every other tool out there. Nothing special. 

I seem to say this about pretty much every tool. Not sure how the music library feature could be improved, or if it even should be improved. It works and there's tons of music. What else would you need?

Adding Text

Text is pretty important, no? 

You can add it yourself, or you can use one of the numerous InVideo templates to speed up your workflow.


They call these stickers, but if you've ever used an animated video creation software like Vyond or Animaker then you'll recognize these as props or "objects."

Basically, these are nice little animated elements to spice up you video and make it more entertaining.

Perfect for adding CTAs to ads, timers for increase urgency, or simply making your video more fun.


Effects are basically video overlays. 

Some of them are pretty simple and act as "filters" for your video. Others are a bit more advanced and add their own elements like hearts, snow, confetti, smoke, etc.

I don't use these that much, but I can see how they would be useful for ads or spicing up your video.


This is pretty self explanatory. 🙂


Change the layout of your videos, add a "see through" effect, or import Twitter and Instagram posts by using a link. 

I especially like the Twitter & Instagram post feature for roundup posts. Makes it much quicker to create "top 10 style" posts.

Article From Video

This feature is currently in beta.

You can either paste in a script (which is what I usually do), add a URL, or add some media files.

For this example I'm using the URL feature which doesn't always work.

Once the post is fetched, you have to select parts of that posts to add as scenes. 

The only problem is that it didn't fetch the entire text content of the post! This is why I usually just copy and paste the script in. It's safer that way.

Their auto-summarize feature is OK, but not great. I haven't found a tool with a good auto-summarize feature yet. 

50 Slide Limit

The dreaded 50 slide limit...

This is a huge factor in a lot of other reviews, and at first I was confused too.

If it limits you to 50 slides, how are you supposed to create a 15 minute video? Wouldn't each slide have to be like 20 seconds? That's crazy.

It's crazy if you only use one text or background video per scene, which is the easiest way to use InVideo.

But with the new Timeline, it's much easier to add multiple elements to one scene and create scenes as long as 60 seconds with no problem!

What's Good

  • The Team/Support - Their support is the fastest I've ever seen. Consistent <5 minutes response in the chat. 
  • Extremely Affordable - More on this later, but it's the most affordable software I've found, and the best value for the price out of any other video-maker I've seen
  • Large number of features
  • New features constantly added - Their speed of development is incredible. They add new features almost monthly.
  • Large number of templates
  • Voiceover - You can upload a VO or record it in InVideo. Howeer, you can currently only add it on a per-slide basis which is annoying. There are some ways to get around it, but it requires some extra work.

What's Not So Good

  • Their AI - It's basically non-existent. They have an "automatically pick videos/images" option, but it only works if your scens are 1-2 words.
  • Slow - It's an in-browser software and if you have many slides and can get pretty slow. The performance improved since I first used it, but it's still not the fastest.
  • 50 scene maximum - This can be easily worked around, but since you do have to work around it, it has to be a negative
  • Voiceover on a per-scene basis

The 70% Discount

InVideo changes their pricing from time to time, but the basic idea stays the same.

They offer a Business plan and an Unlimited plan on a monthly and yearly basis.

Usually these plans cost $20/mo and $60/mo, but you can get a 50% discount if you buy them yearly which ends up being $10/mo or $30/mo.

But that's not all!

You can get an additional 40% discount on top of the 50% yearly discount by clicking on this link, creating a free account, and using the promo code "VPSPECIAL40" at checkout.

This means you can get it for only $6/mo or $18/mo if you buy the yearly plan.

Once you sign up for the free account just click on the "Upgrade" button in the top right corner and enter the code.

It should look something like this: (Note, the #s might vary depending on their existing promotions, but the % off will stay the same.)​​​​

InVideoIO 40 OFF Coupon Code

The Conclusion

InVideo offers the biggest bang for the buck out of any other video-maker software I've seen. 

And with the 70% discount offer, you'd be crazy to not try it out!

About the author 

Ilya VP

Ilya has been in the digital marketing game for nearly 8 years. Affiliate sites, greyhat link building, whitehat link buildling, funnels, copywriting. You name it - he's probably done it.
In his free time he also writes on

Ilya has been in the digital marketing game for nearly 8 years. Affiliate sites, greyhat link building, whitehat link buildling, funnels, copywriting. You name it - he's probably done it. In his free time he also writes on

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