by Ilya VP

Vidnami started out as a VSL creation tool back in 2015, but can now do much more than that.

I've used the software off and on since 2016 so I think I'm pretty qualified to do this review. 🙂

In this post I'll go over:

Let's dive right in!

P.S. - If you are here only for the discount, click here to go to that section of the post.

The Video Creation Process

Vidnami is designed for speed. 

Pretty much all of their features were created with the goal of making video creation as fast as easy and possible.

AI slide creation, automatically syncing your voiceover, doing everything in your browser - all of these make video creation quick and easy.

But that's not to say that the software is perfect, but I'll talk about my problems with it later.

For now, let's take a look at how video creation works.


It all starts with the templates. 

You get to choose from their large number of pre-existing templates and you can edit all of them to create your own color and font combinations.

But this isn't just about different colors or fonts! It also allows you to choose whether you want to create regular 16:9 rectangular videos,1:1 square videos, and 9:16 vertical videos for social media.

And their newest Influencer/Presenter templates feature allows you to upload your own talking head video and overlay subtitles, images, or videos over it to make it more interactive and easier to digest on social media. (Video autoplays on social without sound which is why subtitles are crucial.)

Here's an example of some of their templates:


Next up is the script.

Pretty self-explanatory. 

Here's also where you select what you want the AI to do for you during the scene creation process. Do you want images? Videos? Automatic bolding? This is where you tell the AI what you want!


This is where the magic happens!

The editor looks like this:

You can change the text, bold it, highlight it, move it around (but there are only 9 different placements) and much more.

You can add videos and images from their media library or you can edit all of the slide styles:

You can also add your own videos as pre-rolls, mid-rolls, or post-rolls which makes it easy to add intros, outros, or just talking head parts to your videos.


This is what the voice editor looks like:

I hate robot voices, but that is one of the options and other people seem to love it so above are all of the options you get. 

strongly encourage recording your own voiceover, paying someone to do it, or creating a video with background music only. While robot voiceover videos may work, they do not create any type of connection with your audience and can push some people away. 

You can also record your own voice track inside of Vidnami. I don't recommend using this option because:

  1. Most people's microphone isn't good enough
  2. Even if your microphone is good enough, the sound quality won't be as good as it would if you spent an extra 2 minutes and recorded and edited it in Audacity


Once you're done with the audio it syncs the slides.

This usually doesn't take too long. Anywhere from 3-10 seconds for 30 seconds of video. 

Even though this section is called "preview" there are a lot of edits you can perform in this section, but first, this is what i tlooks like:

They have a very large library of songs you can select by mood or genre, and you can add different watermarks, change the volume of the audio elements, and most importantly: make sure that the audio and slides are properly synced.

The autosyncer is pretty good, but depending on the quality of your voiceover it might mess up from time to time. I usually have to shift one transition by 1-2 seconds for every 1-2 minutes of audio.

This is what the manual timing editor looks like:

It's pretty simple to use. You can either press play and record the timing yourself, or move the slides around using the green bars at the bottom of the editor.

And these are some sample watermarks. You can add your own and place it anywhere you want, but they also have "draft, preview, and sample" watermarks in case you're creating this video for a client and don't want them to use it in their marketing before paying.


Once you get to this point you're basically done! All you have to do is press generate & the video will be created for you.

This doesn' t take too long. Usually takes me about a minute per minute of video which is much faster than with Adove Premiere Pro!

It will also let you know if you used any images that require attribution and create a page with all of the attribution information and links you need so you can simply link to that page! It's super useful.

The AI Video

This is the video Vidnami created with no intervention on my part (other than adding a voiceover.)

As you can see some of the slides don't make sense, there are two repeated videos, the music is a bit too quiet, and while the voiceover timings worked well here, that's not always the case. (Usually there's 1 small change for each 60 seconds of audio I have to make).

Not great, but not terrible!

P.S. - The voiceover doesn't sound great for two reasons:

1. I recorded it inside of Vidnami which means it's not compressed or normalized so it's mixed. 

2. It forces you to record it sentence by sentence if you record it within the program. Since I had very small "sentences," it was very hard to keep the right tone.

I always recommend recording in Audacity or something similar, editing your audio, and then importing it into the program for consistently high quality audio. 

The Human Video

Here's the same video with some quick changes. The changes took me less than 5 minutes as selecting videos and changing things within the scenes is incredibly fast. 

What's Good

  • Creating videos is super fast
  • Tons of templates
  • Square, horizontal, and vertical video templates
  • Their team has been doing this for more than 10 years and Vidnami has been around for 5, so it's not going away anytime soon.
  • You can edit nearly anything you want
  • Large media library with videos, images, and songs
  • Super affordable for what you get. If you create 2 or more videos per month the time-saved pays for itself!

What's Not So Good

  • If you only create 1 video per month or your hourly rate is less than $20/hour then the time-saved may not outweigh the cost. 
  • The AI isn't perfect - sometimes it does make mistakes
  • The transcription software isn't perfect.

Who It's For

If you're looking to expand your business through video (and you should be) then this is a great tool for you.

But to be more specific it's great for:

  • Influencers who are trying to noticed on social media
  • Creating Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Creating simple, but engaging "listicle" videos
  • Creating internet marketing style video sales letters
  • Creating longer, promotional YouTube videos

The Discount & Pricing

The original price is $47/mo or $397/year, but that's not what you're here for, is it? 😉

There are currently two different discounts. There used to be a yearly discount available, but they have removed that during the rebranding from Content Samurai to Vidnami. If you see a link that mentions an active 50% discount, it won't work and will just redirect you to the homepage. 

  1. An always available 25% off any plan that you can get within minutes of clicking on this link.
  2. An always available 50% off, but only if you pay yearly, that takes about 30 minutes to obtain. (Instructions below)
  3. A rare 40% off monthly discount that only happens once or twice per year on special occasions.

That rare 40% off discount happens every time they release a new major feature which can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months. 

I recommend doing the following:

  1. Signing up and starting to use it TODAY using the 25% discount.
  2. Putting your email into the box below to be notified when they have a 40% off promotion.
  3. Using Vidnami as normal & then registering a new account and cancelling your old one when they release a new 40% off promotion.

This is NOT a newsletter signup. We will send you two emails: a welcome email and an email when the next discount happens. That's it! 

IMPORTANT: The process below no longer works, but I am leaving the text up so you can compare it other "discounts" offered online and see for yourself that the only real discount available is the 25% off.

Use the process below to get the 50% off and get the program for only $297 which is ~$24/month.

1. First click here to download the free Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheatsheet.

2. You'll be redirected to a thank you page with an upsell video. Watch the video until a button appears below the video and buy Question Samurai for $3.(This takes about 5 minutes)

Think of this as investing $3 to save $100. (If you aren't redirected to the thank you page, check your email! The link to this page will be there)

3. Once you purchase Question Samurai, you'll be redirected to yet another video thank you page.

Watch the video until the pricing pops up underneath the video. (This takes about 7 minutes). Now you can get Content Samurai for only $297/year. Congrats! You made it!

4. There's another upsell video after you purchase the program. This time it's for Vidsy.

Vidsy is a fill-in-the blank video script creator. This may sounds strange, but think about this: copy is the main difference between a successful video and one that doesn't work at all. 

If you already have a similar software (Funnelscripts is one of them) or are an experienced copywriter, then you don't need Vidsy. 

Otherwise, I recommend you to at least watch the sales video to see if you might need it. 

The Conclusion

Vidnami is a great, albeit somewhat expensive tool that makes creating VSLs, social media videos, and much more simple and quick.

I've been using it since 2016 in many of my businesses and I have no plans on stopping.

So... I would definitely check it out and see if it's right for you!

About the author 

Ilya VP

Ilya has been in the digital marketing game for nearly 8 years. Affiliate sites, greyhat link building, whitehat link buildling, funnels, copywriting. You name it - he's probably done it.
In his free time he also writes on

Ilya has been in the digital marketing game for nearly 8 years. Affiliate sites, greyhat link building, whitehat link buildling, funnels, copywriting. You name it - he's probably done it. In his free time he also writes on

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